How to use

Do I snore? Is there snoring with pauses due to apneas?

Set SNORETRACKER to the bed table near to you for recording of several nights. The results and graphics give you the amount of snoring, heavy snoring and snoring with pauses (due to apneas).  RED indicator is for significant findings. 

Do I snore when I am sleeping supine (on the back)?

Fix the mobile phone or smart watch on your chest, stomach or to the arm to get snoring data and sleeping position. Arm bands, running belts, see eg.

Repeat SNORETRACKER recording for several nights.

In Results and Graphics RED indicators are for significant snoring and snoring with pauses and RED when lying on back.

If you get both RED indications, you should try the smart ALARM feature and the positional treatment.

Amount of snoring, follow-up of the recording data, summary of results, graphic results:

The premier version of SNORETRACKER gives you detailed results of several nights for follow-up of the snoring and snoring with breathing pauses (due to apneas).

If you have snoring or snoring with pauses when sleeping supine you should try the smart alarm mode for the positional treatment.

Positional treatment of snoring and apneic snoring :

SNORETRACKER monitors your snoring and sleeping position in real-time. It gives you alarm (vibration, voice) if you are sleeping on your back and have significant amount of snoring or snoring with pauses (apneas). You may sleep on your back if no abnormal snoring is present. The effect of therapy is followed using the summary statistics.

Free version of SNORETRACKER:

You make a full night recording of snoring with or without position detection. You then notice that the recording is completed successfully. No detailed statistics are included to the free version.

Paid full, premier version of SNORETRACKER with position therapy :

Full night recording of snoring with or without position detection. Statistical results and graphic output of the night. Detailed history of the previous nights with graphic presentation. Real-time monitoring of the sleep with adjustable smart detection of snoring and snoring with breathing pauses (apneas). Real-time alarm when sleeping on your back with significant amount of abnormal snoring.

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