How it works

SNORETRACKER is a mobile application to monitor and analyze your snoring and the periodic snoring with pauses related to sleep apnea. It also monitors the sleeping position and gives you a smart alarm if snoring or apneas are found when sleeping on your back (supine).

SNORETRACKER algorithms are based on sleep reasearch. The detection of sleep apnea is validated in all-night sleep study using medical devices (sleep polygraphy) in 200 sleep apnea patients with different clinical severities. The validation study is published in USA Journal of Clinical Sleep Disorders 2016.

SNORETRACKER monitors your sleep using the very sensitive microphone of the mobile phone and the position sensor of the mobile or a wearable clock attached either on your body or attached on the arm.

After monitoring of snoring SNORETRACKER gives you the amount of snoring, amount of loud snoring, amount of apnea snoring (breathing pauses) and all the findings when sleeping on your back and in all other positions. It marks the abnormal findings to the graph as red markings.

If you have apnea snoring or snoring mainly when sleeping on your back you may change to the premier (payable) SNORETRACKER version. It monitors the snoring and sleeping positions. If the abnormal snoring or breathing pauses (apneas) are detected when sleeping on the back SNORETRACKER gives you alarm (vibration and sound) to change the position. It does not disturb your sleep when sleeping on the back without snoring.

To monitor the sleeping position you have to attach either the mobile or the smart watch to your body during the night time. It is possible to use straps for jogging and sport, to have the phone or watch in a pocket of the shirt, to attach the watch around your ankle etc.

SNORETRACKER gives you the number of alarms, the amount of the abnormal findings and if there are still snoring and pauses of snoring (apneas) in other positions in the morning. It is recommended to make several (3 - 7) night measurements to see the possible snoring and apneas and to see the effect of the SNORETRACKER smart alarms or other positional treatment.

The most common forms of mild and moderate sleep apnea is position dependent. The apneas or snoring is present only or mainly when you are sleeping on the back (supine). SNORETRACKER gives you a smart alarm when sleeping on your back with snoring or periodic snoring with apnea pauses. It allows you sleeping on the back with no snoring, if snoring is quiet or no apnea pauses are detected.

If you have clinical symptoms of sleep apnea or snoring and apnea snoring in all positions you should contact your doctor for sleep studies and possible for other treatments. There are sleep apnea subjects without snoring and SNORETRACKER does not detect or help those .


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SNORETRACKER is a method to monitor and treat snoring when sleeping on your back.

SNORETRACKER is designed to promote your healthy but it is not a medical diagnostic or therapeutic device or software.

The treatment of sleep apnea requires medical knowledge and medical devices (CPAP) and even surgery. You should ask your doctor for  further information if you have symptoms or consequences of sleep apnea and you may show SNORETRACKER results to sleep specialists. SNORETRACKER results are compatible with several medical sleep analysis devices.