How accurate SnoreTracker is to detect snoring?

The microphone of mobile phone is very sensitive. The home environment, however, is not optimal for the recording. If there are any other noises from other people in same room, pets, TV or other devices, noise outside the room etc you may get extra signals to the recording. Even the air conditioning causes background noise which we do not notice but is disturbing SnoreTracker analysis. You should locate the mobile phone near to you during night time. The algorithms are developed to detect the patterns of snoring to avoid wrong positive findings.

How often sleep apnea with snoring pauses is detected using SnoreTracker?

In a validation study the correlation between the snoring with pauses and sleep apnea was significant in patients with clinically significant condition. This study was based on a single night recording like almost all research. We strongly recommend that you make repeated recordings to see the real severity.

The snoring analysis does not exclude sleep apnea and if you have the symptoms, suspicion or risk factors of sleep apnea you should contact your doctor.

You find a questionnaire here: http://www.stopbang.ca/osa/screening.php

How dangerous is snoring?

Loud, “heavy” snoring is correlated to sleep apnea. The snoring without apneas (pauses) is caused by the partial obstruction (narrowness) of the upper airways. It may be very disturbing to you spouse but not a significant medical risk. Snoring in supine position (sleeping on back) may be avoided by positional therapy using SnoreTracker. Weight loss is important in treatment of snoring and apneas.

How dangerous are breathing pauses, snoring with pauses and sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea of moderate to severe degree is certainly a medical risk factor. It disturbs your sleep causing day time tiredness (hypersomnia). It causes low blood oxygen periods harmful for the heart, blood pressure, brain and nervous system. It is connected to several medical conditions like the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. The importance of the risk may be very different in different cases.

How common is sleep apnea with breathing pauses?

There are huge amount of people with sleep apnea, even more than 10% of middle aged men. As the diagnosis may be difficult SnoreTracker is developed to find and even to help those patients.

What are the treatments of snoring and sleep apnea?

In cases with snoring and apneas mostly when sleeping on the back (supine) the positional treatment does work. It may however be more difficult than supposed. It takes time to learn change the sleeping position habits to sleep on the side - but it is possible. Weight loss is always important.

About the CPAP device, surgery and other treatments: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_apnea

There are lot of RED indicators in SnoreTracker graphs – what next?

If the snoring or snoring with pauses (due to apneas) is detected when sleeping supine you could try the positional therapy. You have to make repeated measures to see the changes and better results.

If the positional therapy does not help, if there are snoring pauses due to apneas in all sleeping positions or if you have symptoms of sleep apnea you should contact your doctor. You may take the results from SnoreTracker with you as mobile graphs, PDF prints or even as EDF format to sleep laboratory.

How certain can I be that I have snoring or breathing pauses (sleep apnea) if SnoreTracker

indicates it?

You should always repeat the measurements. Most measurements used in hospitals are based on single night results. Using SnoreTracker you may easily repeat the measurement several times (5 - 7) to see whether the results are consistent or not.

There are sleep apnea disorders without heavy snoring! 

How certain can I be that I do not have sleep apnea if SnoreTracker doesn't indicate it?

You should always repeat the measurements. There are sleep apnea disorders without heavy snoring! If you have symptoms or suspicion of sleep apnea you should contact your doctor. SnoreTracker is not a validated medical diagnostic device or treatment of sleep apnea. 

How to get the sleeping position with mobile?

The sleeping position is important to detect the position dependent apneas and snoring. You should have the mobile phone attached to you chest, stomach or arm using a belt or strap. The belts used during running and exercise are good: https://etronicedge.com/collections/all

You also could put the mobile into a pocket or simply use tape to fix it to the clothing.

How to get the sleeping position using my smart Android watch?

You have to get the Bluetooth connection between the mobile and the Android watch. Please charge the watch before the night. SnoreTracker makes connection to the watch and use the watch as the position sensor. The watch should be attached to you chest, stomach, ankle. Often it is possible to loose the watch from the wrist band and tape the watch to the clothing. 

Can I increase the reliability of SnoreTracker?

Yes! Place the mobile as near as possible. It could be fixed on the chest, in the pocket or on the table near to the bed. It is most important to repeat the measurement three to five times. All the noises and voices may disturb: snoring of the spouse, noises from children, pets, TV and traffic. Air condition may cause disturbances which is difficult to notice! 

The app crashes occasionally, what should I do?

We try to support as many devices as possible but cannot garantee it. However we listen to your feedback, and are eager to hear from any problems you might have with the app. The easiest way for you to contact us is by going to the "Contact us" page filling out the form and sending it to us. 

How is the data collected by SnoreTracker used?

The data we collect is scrambled through algorithms and you can't be individually identified by it. We might however use the data we collect in order to further improve the product.

I have a suggestion about the site or app.

Great! We'd love to hear it. Feel free to contact us through the "contact us page" any time, and we'll respond to you as quickly as possible!

My phone keeps shutting down while recording.

Many Android ORMs have battery optimization software installed which might have to be turned of in order for SnoreTracker to work properly. Read more about battery optimization and how to turn it of here